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About Us


We are imaginative iconoclasts with the means to calculatedly disrupt tradition. We were born digital with social in our design. Creativity is our essence but science is our trade.


Before you choose us to take on your project you will probably want to know a
bit more about us, so meet the team:

Brian Bethel
Partner, Director of Strategy and Data Science

Bethel is a digital strategist and data scientist. Bethel is drawn to disruptive and infectious behavior. What motivates him is taking brands to places they have never been before! Bethel has developed and executed successful strategies for some of the largest and most challenging brands such as 7-Eleven, FedEx, Nutella, Mary Kay, la Madeleine, ABC and many more!

Cole Field
Partner, Director of Search and Innovation

Field is a digital and social media expert that, not only knows the digital world backwards and forwards, but also can extract ideas based on his continual market research. Field knows, and can clearly relay, the extreme importance of digital and social media platforms when developing and executing any marketing campaign. Field has worked with brands such as TruGreen, Terminix, Toni&Guy, Interstate Battery, Nerium and more.

Trevor Seeley
Partner, Director of Client Services

Seeley is a seasoned marketing exec, running corporate marketing, business operations, and asset management for a variety of privately held companies before cofounding the White Pants Agency. The business savvy Seeley has an eye for success and knows how to support his clients in order to achieve their business goals, bridging the gap between business and technology. Seeley has a knack for successfully helping companies tie marketing and advertising initiatives with operational objectives. Working with brands such as Dallas Design District, Incomm incentives, Dunhill Partners and many more.

Philippe Villacampa
Operation Director

Carly McDowell
Account Manager

Stephani Nunez
Account Manager

Blake Nelms
Creative Director

Nelms brings a nonlinear way of thinking that will help bring White Pants to the forefront of innovative marketing strategy. With a background in marketing management and an eye for style and design he will help clients reach new levels previously unattainable.

Candice Phiri
Account Manager

Emily Shuler
Social Marketing Specialist

Kiersten Heflin
Graphic Desginer

Sidney Johnson
Social Marketing Specialist

Matt Poness
Video Team

Mike Drake
Video Team