About Us - White Pants Agency
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About Us

What We Are All About:

We are imaginative iconoclasts with the means to calculatedly disrupt tradition. We were born digital with social in our design. Creativity is our essence, but science is our trade.


Before you choose us to take on your project, you will probably want to know a
bit more about us, so meet the team:

Trevor Seeley, Founder

WPA Employee Pics Template_0002_Trevor 400x400

Brian Bethel, Founder

Brian 400x400

Carly McDowell, Account Director

Carly 400x400

Rebekah Blomeley, Account Manager

WPA Employee Pics Template_0001_Rebekah 400x400

Blake Nelms, Account Manager

WPA Employee Pics Template_0004_Blake 400x400

Grant Stephens, Graphic Designer

WPA Employee Pics Template_0003_Grant 400x400

Lauren Schaefer, Paid Media Director

WPA Employee Pics Template_0005_Lauren S. 400x400

Cody Newlin, Paid Media Specialist & CRO

WPA Employee Pics Template_0000_Cody 400x400

Pete, Editor In Chief of Central Track

WPA Employee Pics Template_0011_Pete 400x400

Anton, Marketing & Sales Director of Central Track

WPA Employee Pics Template_0010_Anton 400x400

Lauren Hutchinson, Marketing Assistant

WPA Employee Pics Template_0009_Lauren H. 400x400

Obed Manuel, Copywriter

WPA Employee Pics Template_0012_Obed 400x400

Mike Drake, Videographer and Producer

WPA Employee Pics Template_0008_Mike 400x400

Matt Ponnes, Videographer and Producer

WPA Employee Pics Template_0007_Matt 400x400

Sierra Sintic, Producer

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 The White Pants Agency is located in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas. Our 7,000 sf office hosts an open floor plan with many break out rooms and offices, film and photography studios as well as a large backyard. HQ hosts White Pants’ digital substantive experts and production team. HQ is the perfect place for the White Pants team to connect with clients in honest collaboration.  We have daily ping-pong tournaments on our Killerspin table as well as Foosball, Billiards and Darts competitions. We love hosting clients. Our doors are always open so come by and say hi!


The White Pants Content Production Studio is located in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. Video, art, design, music, scoring, voice over… whatever you can think of White Pants can produce it! This massive content production machine is where some of the most iconic content ever has been produced, from Boy Epic’s music/film infused trilogies to Kanye’s Graduation album.